Solana Launching Time Tracking Dashboard

Solana Labs

Solana collaborated with Trycarbonara. They have made an announcement to launch a ‘real-time tracking dashboard. This would be beneficial while measuring carbon emissions on the Solana blockchain. The foundation came up with a tracker for the first time. They highlighted it is going to be time-saving perhaps.

This would allow more transparency in the chain. They qualified it to be the first major blockchain.

A Little Push To Solana 

Sol Foundation’s latest invention would set the parameter high. This would provide clarity during carbon emissions in the blockchain. After the production of the new dashboard, they also declared it could be found on the Sol climate website.

The foundation is anticipating high-quality outcomes from this. This dashboard is likely to publish data profoundly. The new Sol dashboard has many newly invented features. Such as they can show you the current total node count.

Megawatt hours and even carbon emissions. It’s usage level. From major portion to marginal level. The new dashboard is likely to showcase the users’ chart side by side. Typically comparing Sol with other emission activities in the blockchain.

Perhaps the Sol blockchain conducts transactions of 140,416. 67. The chart shows Sol is burning gallons of gasoline. The carbon footprint of Dell  Power Edge R940. It is the same used to power Sol’s real-time carbon emissions.

There is still no surety regarding whether this method will be adopted by other blockchains in the crypto industry or not. This invention was a bit surprising when the world is trying to utilize the blockchain for carbon emissions. Solana could be the torchbearer of the trend.