‘Almost Time’: Simone Biles Acquired The Marriage License With Partner Jonathan Owens

Simone Biles

Following two years of dating, Simone Biles and her fiancee Jonathan revealed their engagement in several Instagram pictures posted in February of last year. Simone Biles mentions that she cannot wait till the day she gets married to the love of her life.

Before their wedding, the Olympic gold medallist (four times) announced to her 6.6M Instagram followers that she had obtained the marriage permit with her fiancee on Friday.

Simone Biles Is Super Excited To Get Married To Fiancee Jonathan Owens 

The couple appeared thrilled via an Instagram photo as Simone Biles, 26, proudly displayed the certificate once they got back to their vehicle. The paperwork was demonstrated to be produced in Texas County, the location of the couple’s upcoming nuptials. In the photo posted her fiancee commented that it was nearly time for ‘I do” to which Simone Biles replied that the day would arrive soon.

The couple chose to keep things informal as they got the papers; they haven’t revealed the wedding date yet. A full-body image of the two laughings and giving poses while once more holding up their license was shared near the county offices and shared on Simone Biles’ Insta Story.

In the photo, Biles had her hair in a knot and was dressed in ripped trousers and a grey sweater. Owens wore a black tee, his ripped pants, black joggers, and his own set of accessories. Biles also mentioned that the pair celebrated by drinking cocktails immediately after receiving their license, the picture of which also found its way to her Insta page. As the big day draws near, the couple has been making the most of every opportunity for a celebration with their close ones. Last week, Simone Biles posted numerous images to her Insta Stories from her wedding shower, which had a celestial theme and was hosted with friends and family.