SNL Is On The Verge Of Losing Their Host


Dave Chappelle might be returning as SNL host, but writers are offended by his actions and words which is causing chaos. And writers have decided to boycott Chappelle to be in that show. He was about to open this weekend SNL.

SNL Writers May Pull The String Last Minute

Writers of SNL are not happy with management’s decision for bringing in Chappelle as host. He has quite the impression of being homophobic and transphobic. He has made such comments in the past that made the writers and the LGBTQ  community mad. Some feel he did use those transphobic comments intentionally. The writers are furious with comments and humiliation. However, Chappelle’s team confirmed nothing regarding boycotting, not even mention of boycotting when they attend the writer’s meeting.

The SNL going to be held on 12th November, previously decided by the authority, was going to be the third time Chappelle’s being in this show as a host. The writers’ wish raised a lot of eyebrows but the actors will remain.

Dave Chappelle’s The Closer was released last year on Netflix. That didn’t receive the impression as expected, and some of the viewers find it extremely problematic and humiliating. The LGBTQ community was highly offended by those transphobic slurs and homophobic ‘jokes’, well insults, and disrespect disguised as jokes. Some people do think that his jokes were typically aimed at the LGBTQ community.

One of SNL writers’ Celeste Yim is trans and their pronouns are They/Them. And Celeste is highly affected by Dave’s comment. People should condemn such behavior. Celeste labeled those comments as ‘murder’. The whole boycotting situation is unclear as of now, none of the team’s representatives responded regarding the matter.