What Documents Are Necessary For Social Security Retirement Benefits?

Social Security

It should come as no surprise to anyone that thousands of American citizens join the millions already settled and apply in order to receive Social Security benefits. There are some who opt to use the online services that are provided by the Social Security Administration. The SSA does require quite a lot of documents for those who do apply for retirement benefits- which subsequently depends on the circumstances that the applicant finds themselves in.

Among the many documents that one applicant would need to show, there are some that are extremely commonplace. First, one would have to show a Social Security card or any record of their existing SS number. Those who weren’t born in the United States must credit the lawful alien status, with the SSA simply accepting the original documents- or any and all certified copies by the agency that issues them. 

Social Security Benefits Will Only Be Provided After Showing Documents

Interestingly, the Social Security Administration doesn’t accept any notarized copies, expired documents, or photocopies. For those who had served before 1968, one needs to show their US military service papers- with a photocopy deemed valid for the document. One would also have to submit a copy of the W-2 form or any self-employment tax return from the previous year. Those who don’t have all the required documents shouldn’t ideally delay their application for retirement benefits as they could easily provide the missing documents later.