Teenager In El Salvador Becomes Bitcoin Teacher


A teenager in El Salvador recently shared his journey after he completed the BTC diploma program in El Salvador, which is Mi Primer Bitcoin- my first Bitcoin. The teenager in question, Gerardo Moran, recently returned to his former high school to teach his teachers about cryptocurrency.

In a bunch of tweets that were posted on 8th July, the 18-year-old revealed that this diploma program, which was backed by the Ministry of Education- something that allowed him to leave behind his life as a construction worker where he earned 6 dollars every day. The teenager also revealed that he had been in the labor industry since he was 11, and was definitely surprised that the citizens in the country toiled extremely hard for very little reward. 

El Salvador Teenager Receives Bitcoin Diploma 

Moran mentioned that his school had put out a call for those students who were heavily invested in taking the Bitcoin diploma course- so he joined in and excelled in it. The teenager revealed that he was now the leading Bitcoin educator in his hometown, where he was training and teaching the diploma to a group of eight senior professors at his previous high school- Antonio J. Alfaro. It was previously reported that Mi Primer Bitcoin had managed to raise over a single BTC in donations from a bunch of generous Bitcoin education advocates throughout the world. 

From Poland to Canada, people were sending satoshis over the Lightning Network in order to support the group of the BTC diploma program in El Salvador. In August 2022, the director of education in the country, Gilberto Motto, informed Cointelegraph that the government was now focusing on educating its citizens about cryptocurrency- and would focus on teenagers specifically.