Soon-to-be-mom Gina Rodriguez Enjoys Romantic Stroll With Husband

Gina Rodriguez

While they wait for the birth of the first child they are having together, Gina Rodriguez along with Joe LoCicero, her husband, spent some time alone in California’s Manhattan Beach on Saturday. The couple who are going to be parents shortly can be seen hugging and entwining hands while enjoying a romantic walk in images acquired by a news outlet.

Gina Rodriguez Looks Happy In The Company

While the waves pounded against the shore, the couple strolled along the sandy shores. Rodriguez, 38, pushed up her dress to reveal her boy shorts while flaunting her pregnant belly. Gray sweatpants and a dark green-colored hoodie were the dress of choice for LoCicero. The 36-year-old had rolled up the sweatpants above his ankles. Rodriguez revealed her pregnancy during her birthday in July of last year.

The alum of “Jane the Virgin” posted an Instagram video of herself hugging her husband and showing the viewers a pregnancy test with a positive result. In the caption, she had written that that birthday hit differently. While the pair has been mostly secretive about any pregnancy-related information, Rodriguez revealed that her husband, who she described as “next level”, was becoming her doula.

She explained that he is a martial artist, so he is essentially cornering her in her life’s fight. She recently explained to another news outlet how she wouldn’t term it a battle. Rather, she would say, it is her conquering Mount Everest while he’s going to corner her for it. She hopes that he’ll just simply get in there to pull the baby out, Gina Rodriguez said. To her, he is clearly her better half.