Sophie Turner And Her Husband Uploaded Rare Wedding Photos

Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner

Joe Jonas and his wife Sophie Turner have finally uploaded several new photos of their wedding in order to celebrate their wedding anniversary. One of the photos which Turner uploaded had her reminiscing about the last two years that have gone by since their wedding.

The star from the hit TV show Game of Thrones uploaded a very romantic black and white picture of herself and her beau when at their reception. This was accompanied by a picture of the bride at her bridal party. 

Sophie Turner Turning Back Time- Unseen Wedding Pictures

In yet another Instagram post, Sophie Turner uploaded a picture of the newly married couple walking up the aisle after they stated their vows. The pair looked to be having the time of their lives- where they were jumping with joy as Turner raised her flower bouquet in the air.

Her husband, Joe Jonas, also came up with several new pictures from this day – along with a snap where he was seen dipping his wife in a graceful motion as they hit the dance floor. He captioned the picture with the caption- “The best two years of my life”. 

In another post, Jonas uploaded several snippets of the venue where they had their wedding party. Incidentally, his brothers Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas joined him for performance as they celebrated the wedding of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.

The couple’s long-term friend Diplo, who incidentally broke the news that the couple had initially got hitched at Las Vegas, went ahead with managing the DJ Booth. This was also uploaded by Jonas in one of the photos. 

According to a major news outlet, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas tied the knot back in Las Vegas after the Billboard Music Awards 2019. After that, the couple managed to have a second wedding on the 29th of June, 2019 at the Château de Tourreau in Sarrians, France.