Stimulus Check Will Not Be Given To The Social Security Recipients


Stimulus Check- The word has spread like wildfire ever since the program came into existence. The government provided monetary benefits to the people residing in the United States Of America. There were three installments of the checks that were issued by the federal government. However, after the third installment was given out, the doors were shut from the federal point of view. They did not see a valid point for providing any more financial assistance. With the covid rate coming down significantly and the businesses opening, the allotment of money was a far-fetched idea for the government.

Some of the states did continue with the tax rebates, but no official checks were announced. However, amidst all this logical reasoning, the elderly people got tangled into a huge mess. They almost exhausted their savings during the time of the pandemic. The COLA has spiked up to a significant level currently. Thus, a social security stimulus check was demanded vociferously by a group of advocates. Unfortunately, the demands had been turned down recently. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Stimulus Check Hopes Dashed For The Social Beneficiaries

Rick Delaney was the head of the advocacy group that looked after the welfare of the elderly. He proposed the federal government to provide a stimulus check worth $1400 to the elderly. 

Unfortunately, the request seemed to have been turned down by the government. An IRS spokesperson stated that there was no official news of a new stimulus check being allotted to the beneficiaries of the social security.