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Stimulus Check Child Tax Credit Updates

In case one has not received their share of the child tax credits stimulus check federal aid payments, there might be a chance to receive it. The department of the IRS released a date recently. It was done in order to facilitate the process for those people who were late filers. In case one submitted an extension request on the tax return of the year 2020, there might be a chance for one to receive the financial aid payments. 

Stimulus Check- Important Dates

As per the details of the press release of the department of the IRS, it was stated the deadline was the 1st of November. What that means is the fact that those people who have filed their return process of the year 2020 before the stated date, will still be able to receive the stimulus check child tax credit payments. They will be receiving the coming two checks that are left. The amount of the said stimulus check child tax credit payments will depend on the eligibility of the children that one owns. 

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Those people who file for their taxes and are one with the entire process of their return either on or prior to the 29th of November, might be able to receive at least one payment. And that too depends on the eligibility criteria. The ones who are perfectly eligible to file for their taxes are requested to do so right away.

The reason for this is to provide enough time to the department of the IRS to take care of the process. They also need to see if the receivers are eligible to receive the stimulus check child tax credit payments or not. Once the return process gets initiated, the department of the IRS can do the calculations on the basis of the tax returns of the year 2020.  

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