Stimulus Check Update- Pennsylvania To Get A Payment Of $2,000

stimulus checks
Stimulus Checks

Back in February, Governor Tom Wolf had proposed a stimulus check plan of $1.7 billion that would help the citizens of Pennsylvania fully recover from the pandemic. Part of the proposal went on to include a sum of $500 million for the PA Opportunity Program which would be sending most of the households in the state with an income of $80,000 a payment of up to $2,000.

The legislation for this proposal has already been introduced in both the House and the Senate by the Democratic legislators but the General Assembly led by the Republicans has been quite slow in their approach. 

Pennsylvania To Receive Stimulus Check Payment

Just this month, the Governor was joined by Patty Kim, a Representative from Harrisburg to call on the GOP state lawmakers to pass the PA Opportunity Program which would help the citizens that have been burdened with high prices. In an announcement, Gov. Wolf mentioned that a lot had changed with the war in Ukraine.

As of now, the citizens in the state needed the support of the state government even more than they did in February. The Governor then went on to tout his plan as one of the best ways through which families and individual workers that have been reeling from economic strains would be able to deal with it. The stimulus check payments could definitely boost a large section of the household income for many who are still covering their bills or debts. 

The stimulus check funds would also provide some much-needed relief that could cover household expenses as well as expensive childcare. Additionally, it would also be providing the citizens with the opportunities to complete their education as well as training courses in order to increase their income and strengthen their skills- all that would lead to a better quality of life.

Governor Wolf had previously mentioned that the stimulus check funds were necessary for the citizens should never have to choose between paying for groceries or utilities.