Stimulus Checks- Demand Vs Reality

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Stimulus Check

Stephanie Bonin, a restaurant owner from the state of Colorado, was the one who introduced the online petition with the help of her husband. The name of the online petition “” On the success of her petition, she stated that the main reason for the demand for the recurring stimulus check was the uncertain economy. And it was this uncertainty that was letting people live a fearful life

. A number of senators belonging to the Democratic party submitted their letter demanding for the recurring stimulus checks to be provided to the people of the country. The letter was sent on the 30th of March. The lawmakers made the argument that the last batch of the relief aid payments that was provided failed to provide enough monetary support to the people. 

Biden’s Stimulus Check

Stephanie Bonin, in order to justify the demand for relief aid payments, warned the officials that the debts of the citizens of the United States of America were increasing day by day. They were related to childcare, utilities, and rent. She also claimed that it was extremely important for lawmakers to learn whatever mistakes they committed in the year 2020 and mend them. The Colorado-based activist also wants the federal government to make the stimulus checks an automatic one.

According to her, an automatic system will ensure the financial safety of the people, reducing their dependence on government officials for stimulus checks. However, despite the unwilling nature of the administration of President Joe Bien in providing the money, he has made some promises. He had stated that in addition to the financial aid payments that are being made to the people, there are more to come in the future. He claimed that more relief is on the way.