Sydney Sweeney Recalls Glen Powell’s ‘Anyone But You’ Filming Including ‘Laughter 24-7’

Sydney Sweeney

Making her rom-com Anyone But You, according to Sydney Sweeney, was a joyous experience. The actress, 25, talked with the media about her upcoming movie Reality as well as the about-to-be-come-out movie where she co-stars alongside Glen Powell.

Sydney Sweeney said that the movie was an entirely different feeling from real life, in which she plays Reality Winner, a former NSA contractor who had been in jail for over 4 years for leaking sensitive information to the public.

Sydney Sweeney Opens Up About Her Surreal Experience Of Shooting In Australia

It was nonstop laughter. She and Powell, 34, she recalled were having an amazing time shooting throughout, she continues. Adding that it was almost a surreal experience. Sydney Sweeney also said that she was eagerly looking forward to its release.

The cast of the movie was originally declared in January this year, and soon after, they left for Australia to begin filming. Since then, there have been various glances inside the filmmaking process and the close relationship between the cast members. Sydney Sweeney shared many images in April of Powell and her taking the ensemble on a tour of Sydney.

Will, who previously directed the romantic comedies Friends with Benefits with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake and Easy A with Penn Badgley and Emma Stone, is the film’s director. The movie stars Dermot Mulroney, Alexandra Shipp, Darren Barnet, and Bryan Brown, as well as Hadley Robinson in addition to Powell and Sidney Sweeney. While Sydney Sweeney is well-known for her serious performances in movies like Euphoria and The Voyeurs, Powell has experience in the romantic comedy genre. Powell recently featured with Zoey Deutch in the popular Netflix movie Set It Up.

Powell and Sydney Sweeney recently revealed some information about the movie during CinemaCon 2023 in Las Vegas, informing fans that the premise of Anyone But You is about “two people who hate each other.” premise details for the movie have been kept a secret.