Rachel Grae Talks About Her Argument With Her Mother

Rachel Grae

Following a quarrel that is all too common, rising pop star Rachel Grae sends her mother a touching apology and expression of gratitude on Mother’s Day.

The heartfelt track “Daughter” was just released, and the video for it features Rachel’s fans and their mothers as well as Rachel Grae’s own mother’s response to the song. After an argument with her mother just before departing for a trip, Rachel says she wrote the song, which touches on the occasionally messy and complex relationship children have with their mothers: “I thought this was going to be the best way I could demonstrate to her without just telling her.” Until I got down to writing, I wasn’t really sure how to express it. I had never cried while creating a song before.

Rachel Grae Wanted To Apologize To Her Mom

For the first month after the video’s release, Rachel Grae’s Spotify canvas will play a new fan-provided clip every day to give the moms of all her followers their flowers. Rachel’s website will also show a rolling montage of all the photographs and videos fans submitted for the film. This comes after Grae’s earlier songs, which were taken directly from her diary and performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and appeared on the season finale of Love Island UK, such as “Colorblind,” “Right Person Right Time,” “Love I’ve Been Jealous Of,” and “How Dare You.” 

With an age-defying voice that has Olivia Rodrigo comparing Rachel to Adele and vulnerable songwriting, Rachel has quickly gained over 85M streams and 1M fans across social media. Out-streaming all of her competitors, her listeners have increased by 1,543% and her fan following by more than 180% in the last nine months. She interacts with individuals every day on TikTok and other platforms, supporting them as they work through personal challenges, leaking new songs that they help shape, and ultimately pursuing her passion.