SZA Flaunting Her Curves


SZA is flaunting in the new SKIMS collection. Kim Kardashian is impressed with her. Her curves are making it more beautiful. She is doing the everybody campaign for the Skims collection this season. She has apparently become the face of skim this year. Satisfying the brand’s owner and the brand itself. Being Curvy is the new statement as everybody is hiring supermodels with curves. Appreciating and praising all shapes and colors is the new motto of the era.

SZA Setting Up The Bar Way Too High For New Comers

Not only a singer but also a supermodel. SZA is being the goddess herself and the new face of the brand. She is flaunting the new collection. Of course, she looks divine. Even before campaigning she shared that she is super excited to be a part of Skims. SZA praised the brand’s motto of how to make look every woman of every shape looks beautiful. And the top priority is to make them feel comfortable.

Kim Kardashian couldn’t stop gushing about SZA being part of the campaign. Kim said she brought a different type of energy and dynamic to the set. Her energy is unparalleled and unmatched by anyone. She is moment perhaps. Kim felt honored to have SZA at the campaign. Her presence made the campaign more exciting.

She is an inspiration for women of color. Not only her voice can be magic but her personality got another fanbase. Jens Grade, the CEO of the brand said the singer embellished the value of SKIMS. The whole team was excited to have her for this campaign. SZA is not alone who modeled for skims. Many other celebrities have done the same like Snoop Dog, Brooke Shields, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Rosalia, and the brand owner herself.