Usher Surprised Latifah In The Crowd 


Latifah was present at the Usher’s My Way: The Vegas Residency vegas concert. He probably knew it was the queen’s birthday. Midst of the concert he approached her with flowers. The crowd went crazy. The concert was held at Park MGM’s Dolby live theatre. He himself shared the video from his concert on his Instagram. It was not only surprising on Latifah’s part but he also loved doing that.

The Usher Concert Was All About Praising The Queen

Usher not only loved what he did but also couldn’t stop praising her even after. He walked down to her with a huge red rose bouquet and handed it to her. The crowd started cheering. Usher knew Latifah is going to be there. He is being the gentleman who paused his own concert for a moment to praise the queen and walked up to her with a bouquet and gift box. His management played Queen Latifah’s song, the crowd cheered for her. A full theatre singing and wishing her a happy birthday. It was probably the best moment in Latifah’s life. Also Usher’s.He later shared the video of that moment later over the weekend. The legend completed 53 glorious years of her life.

Usher was wearing baggy pants and a tank top. Queen Latifah appeared at the concert wearing casual clothes. A black hoodie, gold chain paired with sunglasses. She was overwhelmed with surprise and thanked Usher.

Not only the rapper but the whole industry respects Queen Latifah for her iconic voice and perspective toward society. She has been told by her parents that black is beautiful and that black is okay. Her career flourished during the time when people of color were pinned down in society. They were seen as outcasts.