Zachary Levi  Offended By “The Rock”

zachary levi

Recently released shazam 2. They also finished wrapping for Shazam: the fury of the gods. Zachary Levi starring. Probably Dwayne refused to have him in the cameo of Black Adam. It was humiliating on Levi’s part. Rock’s decision affected the whole plan. The director had touched up last minute. It may or may not cause disruption in the organization. The DC world is going through tough times the last year.

Zachary Levi Is Facing A Hard Time In The DC Universe

Zachary Levi wanted a cameo in Black Adam’s last part. Which was denied by Dwayne Johnson. For that matter, they had to go through last-minute changes. The director David F. Sandberg along with Zachary Levi had to go through some unwanted hiccups. Dwayne Johnson denied access to Black Adam material. Zachary Levi finds it very offensive and disrespectful. He shared the post on his Instagram story rubbing it on social media. He wrote truth shall set you free.

Just because Dwayne Johnson denied access the director of shazam had to add Emilia and John. Dwayne tried to restructure the DCEU. He wanted to be the center after Henry Cavill’s departure, what Levi believes.

Black Adam was released last year and dint quite receives the energy and feedback they were expecting. In December Henry Cavill shared the heartbreaking news. The decision was made by James Gunn, peter Safran, and henry Cavill himself.

Dwayne Johnson fought hard to make his cameo which would eventually point out the upcoming sequel. Zachary Levi is in the same position Rock was, it was unacceptable on his part. They are currently at odds and not looking eye to eye sources disclosed. However, Zachary Levi’s representatives didn’t respond to any questions.