Alexa Bliss Reveals Her Being Diagnosed With Skin Cancer

Alexa Bliss

WWE’s star wrestler, Alexa Bliss has recently got her skin checked as a spot on her skin went worse, and she has been diagnosed with skin cancer. Alexa Bliss is recovering from health problems currently. This thirty-one years old wwe star took social media to reveal her being diagnosed with skin cancer.

She shared a selfie of herself on her Insta story where she showed the bandage clearly visible on on side of her face. Alexa took this opportunity to tell her younger self that she should not have went to those tanning beds too often. However, she reassured her fans that everything is alright now and they don’t need to worry.

She also thanked the skin institute in American for their lovely services and for taking the best possible care for the wrestling star. Alexa Bliss is one of the most famous names on the roaster of the pay per view sporting event.

Alexa Bliss Suffering From Skin Cancer

Alexa thanked one of her fans in the comments who asked how was she doing. She said that they should not worry about her as it has a short healing time. However, she asked her fans to get their skin checked, especially when you are on the sun or you use tanning beds.

Another fan asked if she noticed any spots or marks that made her go for the skin checkup. Aexa Bliss then confirmed that she went for the checkup as there was a spot on her face and it slowly took bad turns. She said that the spot was a common form of skin cancer. She said that during the procedure, the doctor found some other squamous cells s well. However, it was quick and easy procedure and she was glad that she got her skins checked.