Telegram Adds New Features: Auto Delete & Expiring Invites

Telegram updates

Telegram has recently gained traction. And its latest updates also bring something to the platter. The new features include auto-delete for messages as well as invite links with an expiry date. It also introduced unlimited groups on the messaging application. This was announced on a blog by the tech firm. It gained massive popularity, just like the other messaging app Signal. It was a result of widespread misinformation and confusion about the new policy of Facebook-owned WhatsApp messenger. 

WhatsApp gained widespread criticism following the announcement of its new policies that allowed it to use users’ personal information. This quickly turned off several of its subscribers in fear that their data would be misused. Even after the tech giant clarified these mysteries that the information would be used for advertisements. Following the traction, Telegram is opting for updates that its rivals were already in use of. But it is merely to restore more privacy. The disappearing message feature was made available on WhatsApp in 2020. Signal has already had that since 2016. 

Telegram’s New Features: Auto Delete & Broadcast Groups

Not every message in the chats on Telegram will be deleted. In the Secret Chats encrypted, the auto-deletion of messages was already available. But this will be available in any sort of chat. The messages can be set to be deleted within 24 hours— or after a week of the message sent. But the feature has to be enabled in the chat first. A message sent before allowing the feature to might stay. 

The groups on Telegram have gotten a new audio-experience. This is similar to Clubhouse, another app that went widely popular online. It is called Broadcast Groups. There could be unlimited participants. But only admins can create posts. Voice chats are still mostly available, even in these groups to all.