The Flash Ends After 9 Seasons

The Flash
The Flash

“The Flash” officially ended on May 24, 2023, after nine seasons. Eric Wallace, the executive producer of the program, revealed that “The Flash” will end in August 2022. Nine years of preserving Central City while taking spectators on a moving trip filled with heart, humor, and spectacle, according to Wallace. Barry Allen has just arrived at the starting line of his final race. The cast was also congratulated by the executive producer for creating such a fantastic evening.

The last episode of this popular CW series will conclude the Arrowverse. Some of Barry Allen’s past foes make a comeback in The Flash’s series finale in an effort to take over the timeline and eliminate him permanently. 

The Flash Ending Explained

Eddie Thawne and other Barry’s enemies make a comeback in the season finale. Allen works with other Team Flash members such as Allegra Garcia, Virtue, Khione, and others. Eddie, on the other side, assembles his own group of super-bad guys, including Zoom, Godspeed, Savitar, and others.

Barry finds himself at a stalemate after taking down supervillains one by one since he doesn’t want to murder Eddie but must halt the Negative Speed Force. Eddie is given a suggestion by Barry: he can continue to serve as the Negative Speed Force’s avatar, but he shouldn’t succumb to evil. 

Eddie eventually gives in and destroys the blue crystal that was holding them. After they reconcile, Barry goes back to the hospital as Iris gives birth to their daughter, Nora. The final scene depicts Barry and Iris settling into life as new parents. Allen also admits that he had shared some of his authority with Jess Chambers, Max Mercury, and Avery Ho, among others.