Jesse Tyler Ferguson Talks About Officiating Sarah Hyland’s Wedding

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, a consummate professional, filled in for his Modern Family co-star Ty Burrell when Burrell had an unexpected issue. The position in issue is officiating Sarah Hyland’s and Well Adams’ August 2022 wedding.

Ferguson, 47, explained on Wednesday’s episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show that “he had a family emergency, so I was his understudy.” The father of two was anxious since he had so little time to prepare. “It arrived about 10 days before the nuptials. Ferguson bemoaned, “I had no warning. And you are unable to refuse.”

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Was Nervous

He persevered because he loved Hyland, 32, so much. The Dinner’s on Me podcast host stated, “I love Sarah, so I felt like, this means a lot that she’s asking me to do this, but it’s a lot of pressure.” Even though Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita are the joyful parents of two children, according to the “Modern Family” star, the couple’s days of having children are gone.

After welcoming his second son, Sullivan Louis, in November of last year, Ferguson stated why he has no desire to continue expanding his family during an interview on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” on Wednesday.

The five-time Emmy nominee stated, “When I had the baby on ‘Modern Family,’… they get cranky and then, like, three individuals come and whisk the baby away, and a second baby comes.” Real life doesn’t operate like that. Nobody suddenly appears with a second, less cranky baby for you. That was something I quickly learned. A lawyer and theater producer, Beckett Mercer, is Ferguson and Mikita’s 2-year-old son.

Ferguson went on to describe how he and his husband maintained their attention on their two children in other parts of the conversation.