While Filming “The Idol,” Lily Rose-Depp Said She Drew Inspiration From Sharon Stone’s “Basic Instinct.”

Lily Rose-Depp

On the new HBO series The Idol, Lily Rose-Depp has been talking openly about the legends that influenced her star image. They were not trying to build Jocelyn from any real person, the Lily Rose-Depp assured. She said that although there were multiple talented pop stars in today’s world no one attracts her more than Sharon Stone’s character while channelizing Jocelyn. Although her portrayal wasn’t based on a real person, Depp said she was inspired by another infamously contentious performance. 

In reality, they drew a lot from various personalities. They were highly intrigued by Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct along with Lauren Bacalls and Gene Tierney since all these people are like role models for her, said Lily Rose-Depp.

Lily Rose-Depp Opens Up On Working With Sam Levinson In Her New Series “The Idol”

The series was co-created by Abel Tesfaye (The Weekend) and Sam Levinson, popularly known for the films Assassination Nation and Euphoria alongside Johnny Depp in it. The Idol had its Cannes Festival debut at the beginning of this week despite accusations of purported creative conflicts and hostile work circumstances. In an interview from earlier this year, Depp lauded Levinson’s collaborative style and the series’ new direction.

Depp said that Sam was an amazing partner to work with. He cared about everything and everyone on the set, from the crew to artists to collaborators, he made sure that everyone was feeling alright and comfortable. Depp said in another part of the conversation that he saw the initial reactions of the general people to the contentious series. The actress allegedly earned a five-minute standing ovation for her performance, which she described as “incredible.” “It seemed like the perfect climax of all we had gone through together, as well as the lovely process of making the series and building this small family, together.”, said Lily Rose-Depp.