The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

The Mandalorian

Since The Mandalorian’s main plot lines typically take the form of role-playing game “quests,” it makes sense to classify them in that way. If that is the case, what the heck was this episode about? Here’s a new objective; here’s what you must accomplish and where to go to finish that objective; now go do it. The Mandalorian, however, begins right back where it left off after last week’s episode before we are reunited with the brilliant Dr. Pershing, the glasses-wearing character. Din has been rescued by Bo-Katan from the Living Waters in the Civic Center mines, but she is still shaken up by what she saw in the depths.

The Mandalorian Recap

Din is even asked if he saw something, but he replies that all he saw was the pit he fell into. Din truly fell into a pit that’s been split open when the Empire destroyed the planet, as Bo-Katan gently explains; he is not just comically clumsy. The trio is assaulted by a squad of TIE Interceptors as they fly back to Bo-house; Katan sees that these are faster and more powerful than standard TIEs.

Din performs a Captain America airdrop out of Bo-ship Katan’s so he can return to his combatant, and all of them appreciate a nice gunfight (Bo doing the same crazy 180 twists and afterward falling out of the air for a moment was dope and also very Star Wars), however, it was all an elaborate ruse so a group of mudscuffin’ TIE Bombers could destroy Bo-castle. Katan’s Hey, it is a good thing she had no furniture or belongings other than that one receptionist droid. Almost the rest of the program is devoted to She and Din’s story before they take out to some unknown location.