The Mid-50s Shall Not Be Fewer Adventures Proved Mariah Carey

Mariah carey

Life should be full of adventures, live every day. Mariah Carey stepped into 54 years. Everyone including her boyfriend wished her a special day. She marked the bar, how the 50s should be. The 50s should not always be about taking care of kids and husbands. Adventure and enjoying life should be equally important. She jumped into the ocean, celebrating life. Her 54th birthday will be remembered forever.

A Yacht Party For Mariah Carey’s Birthday

The five times grammy winner, marked another year around the sun. Mariah Carey stepped into the 54 years of her life. She was celebrating her birthday surrounded by her loved ones on a yacht. Her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka was with her.

Mariah Carey rocked the pink and black bathing suit as she jumped into the ocean. Her hair was tied in a ponytail. She dived right in and floated back right up. She looks satisfied after jumping in, water makes her happy perhaps. The video captured the moment while the Honey club’s mic was playing in the background.

Carey is an experienced diver perhaps, and jumped headfirst. Floating on the surface of the ocean as the sun kissed her face. She took the splash at 3.27 pm on 27th March. Bryan Tanaka, Mariah Carey’s boyfriend wrote posting a black and white picture on Instagram Captioning it happy anniversary queen on 3/27. The couple posed for a warm photo together.

Not only her boyfriend but also many celebrity friends commented on the post wishing her a very happy birthday and anniversary. Fifth harmony singer Dinah Jane also wished her on her birthday, which Mariah Carey reposted on her Instagram story.