Think Before You Link, App Launched To Help Users Detect Fake Profiles

Think Before You Link

“Think Before You Link,” a phone software, has been released to assist social media users in detecting phony accounts and expediting their removal.

According to the Cabinet Office and the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, the Think Before You Link app will assist individuals in identifying features of false identities used by dangerous actors and spies.

MI5 warned last year that in the previous five years, at least 10,000 individuals in the UK had been contacted by spies acting behind phony LinkedIn accounts with the purpose of gathering and sharing sensitive information.

According to the authorities, over 10,000 persons in the UK were aimed on LinkedIn & Facebook in the previous year.

MI5 Director-General Ken McCallum said that malicious profiles were being employed on a “industrial scale.”

The software was created in collaboration with behavioral scientists and contains features such as a profile checker to assist users in identifying phony accounts and reporting anything suspect.

McCallum said, “MI5 has seen over 10,000 disguised overtures on professional networking sites from foreign agents to people throughout the UK.” Spies from other countries are making concerted efforts to form relationships with people in the government, the IT sector, and the academic community.

Steve Barclay Talks About The Think Before You Link App

Steve Barclay, the government’s top cyber security minister, claimed bogus LinkedIn and Facebook pages are being manufactured industrially.

Many of these profiles are ruses to collect national security information from authorities or the public.

“We must do everything we can to secure ourselves and our information by verifying internet contacts’ identities. This software will help.”

Think Before You Link App Helps Detect Fake Profiles A new tool helps social network users discover phony accounts and remove them faster. The Cabinet Office and Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure said the Think Before You Link app will help consumers recognize spies’ phony accounts.

MI5 warned last year that 10,000 individuals in the UK had been solicited by agents using phony LinkedIn identities to gather and share classified information. Over 10,000 UK citizens were targeted on LinkedIn and Facebook in the past year, according to the authorities. MI5 head Ken McCallum stated fraudulent profiles are deployed “industrially.” Current and former public workers are ideal targets due to their expertise and might get bogus consulting proposals from anonymous people.