TikTok Announces New Partnership with OpenSlate to Ensure Brand Safety in Ad Placement

14 hours ago DE24 News TikTok announces new partnership with OpenSlate

TikTok has announced its new partnership with OpenSlate, the brand safety platform. To ensure branded content and ads are not featured alongside any controversial material on the platform.

According to TikTok‘s report:

“With the introduction of the TikTok Brand Safety Solution, verified by OpenSlate, we apply a high level of safety to verify and filter a variety of content and categories that appear next to branded ads and content. This partnership empowers brands to know and track where their ads are running through pre-campaign solutions as well as with post-campaign analytics.”

First of all, the process will enable advertisers essentially to select where their advertisements run on TikTok, and that’s to avoid any potential concerns based on the displayed content according to every region.

And indeed, there are advertisers’ concerns on this, with its meteoric rise, TikTok has confronted a lot of problems with the content policies and moderation. Not just that, also the processes that it has in place to protect its users from bullying and exploitation.

The application has been restricted from Indonesia, Pakistan, and India, in different times due to some concerns of their content, and it has also been hit with fines on the failure to protect information of younger users which are the majority of the total users on TikTok. And with sensitive nature of that, it is logical that some brands feel hesitated to run their ads on TikTok. However, the new partnership announced with OpenSlate will grant a new level of oversight and assurance to help avoid any questionable association within the ad placement.

“We’re continuously scaling and evolving our advertising solutions to meet the important needs of our brand partners. Our partnership with OpenSlate provides brands with the confidence and transparency to know that their ads are always delivered alongside brand-safe content and that risks are mitigated.” 

And again, as we mentioned above that the majority of more than a third of TikTok users are 14 years old or younger, we hope that TikTok would be planning to just delete any problematic content from the platform. However, that has to happen within the scope of what is acceptable. The new partnership with OpenSlate will grant more control for advertising experts to manage their ad placements.