Tom Sandoval Criticizes Raquel Leviss By Changing A Cryptic Line

Tom Sandoval

Do Tom Sandoval as well as Raquel Leviss have a divorce decree? The lead singer of Tom Sandoval as well as The Most Extras made a playful allusion to his months-long relationship with Leviss while singing with the band in New York City.

The would-be rock star made light of the fact that she was more interested in her Friend Tom Schwartz’s mother than Leviss in a video that Page Six got exclusively. Raquel is not what he wants; he only wants Schwartzy’s mother.

Many concertgoers were taken aback by the remark, and they burst out in laughter and shouts. However, it seems that some fans may have attended the performance solely to criticize Sandoval, shouting “screw you” while screaming Ariana Madix the name of his ex-girlfriend.

Tom Sandoval’s Outlook

Despite appearing to be critical of their liaison, Tom Sandoval was conspicuously sporting a black blazer that had two bolts of light adorning his lapels, which might have been a reference to his relationship with Leviss.

During their covert affair, the two were infamous for donning similar necklaces with the same electric pattern. Before their relationship was made public on 3rd March, Sandoval had been having an affair alongside his “Vanderpump Rules” co-star for approximately 7 months. Tom Sandoval had been dating Madix for almost a decade.

Since that moment, the performer has had trouble getting people to his cover band’s shows. In fact, at one of his most recent performances in Long Island, Sandoval was compelled to provide a two-for-one ticket offer. Most of the space was still unoccupied even then.

Sandoval stated that they have not communicated despite isolating each other in the exact same location. The aftermath of the relationship was documented for the current season of “VPR,” and there are rumors that things will get heated at the Season 10 reunion. Bravo broadcasts “Vanderpump Rules” on Wednesdays around nine p.m. ET.