Tom Selleck Is Processing The Loss Of A Great Actor

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William’s death has shocked the acting industry. Tom Selleck was his friend. And Treat’s untimely death has shocked him. He cannot fathom the news. Treat Williams was a long-time friend of Tom. They both worked side by side in Blue Bloods.

He played the role of NYC Police commissioner named Frank Reagan. And Treat Williams played the role of Lenny Ross. They both shared a bond outside their work. Treat supposedly massively impacted Selleck’s life. Many other cast members of Blue Bloods pay tribute via their stories on Instagram or Twitter. An unfathomable tragedy.

Tom Selleck Is Likely To Remember His Friend Everyday

The tragedy is unacceptable and unfathomable. Treat Williams Left his close ones shattered into pieces. He died in a motorcycle accident. His agent shared the news of his demise on Monday. Tom Selleck wrote on Instagram post he will miss treats every day, but he will forget them.

They worked together in Blue Bloods. He was his friend. In a statement, Tom Selleck said there is a proverb, each of which is just passing the time. We occupy our chairs very briefly. Thus Treat Williams was named appropriately. And he has occupied his chair so well. Concluding his note by saying well done, my friend.

Bridget Moynahan played the wife of Frank Reagan, Tom Selleck’s character. She also paid tribute to the late actor. It was an absolute pleasure for her to have Treat Williams on set. Not just an outstanding actor he was. He was a kind friend to all outside the set. Everyone mentioned how incredible a family man he was. His duty towards his family members was praiseworthy. Treat Williams’s last post from 2021 Twitter. He mentioned Tom Selleck and the rest of the crew of Blue Bloods.