Tom Sizemore’s Family Decided To End Of Life Matters Due To Actor’s Brain Aneurysm

Tom Sizemore

Tom Sizemore’s health is deteriorating constantly without any signs of any improvement even for a brief moment in the hospital. The actor has suffered a brain aneurysm this month and his family currently is going through a hard situation.

The famous actor from Saving Private Ryan is sick and his manager Charles Lago said that the actor is in critical condition and also in ICU. He said that the doctors have informed his family that there probably isn’t any hope for the actor and they are recommending them to take decision to end his life. Charles said that the family is together to consult if they should take the ultimate measures or should wait and see. He urged people to give the family some privacy in these tough times.

On 18th February, Tom Sizemore was in his house in LA when he suddenly suffered the brain aneurysm caused by a stroke.

Tom Sizemore Fighting Against Brain Aneurysm:

After family members found his unconscious, they informed the paramedics and they arrived at the nearest hospital. Tom Sizemore has enjoyed his share of fame being the talk of the town beck in the nineties and he always stayed under the spotlight ever since.
The sixty-one years old actor has been arrested quite a few times for domestic violence and he spend his time in jail too.

Then the actor was also alleged to grop a woman when “born killers” movie was in production and the victim was just a girl. However, Tom Sizemore denied these allegations and the judge later dismissed the case.

Recently Sizemore was arrested for driving under influence and for possession of controlled substances. Overall, controversies never left the life of Tom Sizemore.