Tori Roloff Comments On The Horrifying 72 Hours

Tori Roloff

Tori Roloff goes on Instagram to update the condition of her partner Zach who has recently undergone brain surgery. She uploads pictures of him in the hospital bed and writes that he has now been recovering and doing well. On Thursday, the 32-year-old star faced emergency brain surgery, Tori Roloff faced her Instagram followers of 1.9 million updating about Zach’s recovering health.

Roloff,31, captions that this is not how the couple had imagined their week to pass with Zach having to face an emergency. She further writes that the 72 hours had been really scary and now, fortunately, Zach is recovering.

Tori Roloff And Zach Are Grateful To Their Supporters

The shared photos show Zach in the hospital bed posing a thumbs-up while thanking their friends, supporters, and family as well as the neurosurgeon team of Zach who worked selflessly catering to his necessities.

Tori Roloff continues to write that the couple feels supported and loved by their supporters and also gives a shout-out to Amy Roloff (Zach’s mother) for keeping them visiting them time and again throughout. 

Tori further uses the hashtag #storyofzachandtori and writes that she has been praying hard for Zach’s recovery which would be easy and quick and that her prayers would be answered soon and Zach would be relieved of his migraines. Tori also does not fail to tell the world that she is proud of Zach who handled the situation no less than a rock star. 

Matt Roloff, father of Zach had previously announced Zach’s preparation to undo this shunt revision and had asked their well-wishers for their prayers this Wednesday. Tori too hesitated to break the news to the followers this Wednesday and dropped in hints regarding the power and usage of prayers.