Travis Kelce Recently Reacted To Taylor Swift Changing The Lyrics Of Karma

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce was recently spotted enjoying a few sweet moments during the Eras tour show of Taylor Swift, but there was one moment in the show when he was photographed looking quite surprised. The 34-year-old NFL player had a moment of pleasant surprise and shock during the night after the 33-year-old singer referred to him in a lyric change to her song Karma in her concert which took place at the Buenos Aires’ Estadio River Plate in Argentina on Saturday. The reactions of the NFL player were caught on film as he watched his girlfriend perform during the Latin leg of the tour, after flying in from the country on Friday. 

Travis Kelce Surprised By Lyric Change Made By Taylor Swift

In footage that was posted by a concertgoer, Travis Kelce was standing right next to the dad of the popstar, Scott Kingsley Swift, in the VIP tent as Taylor sang her song ‘Karma’. The popstar then ended up switching the lyrics of the song where she talked about how Karma was all about a guy on Chiefs coming straight to see her. The dad of the singer also showed his exuberance at the sudden shift in the lyrics, for he tapped the NFL player on the shoulder, as well as clapped in support. Kelce, on his part, was completely flabbergasted at this, as his fans cheered, before he raised his arms and bobbed them along to the entire song. 

Yet another clip which was posted by a fan, taken just a few moments later, showed Taylor Swift looking quite fondly towards Travis Kelce from the stage, as the NFL player blew her a kiss and also waved at her at the end of the song. She then went on to return this gesture a lot more directly when she ran backstage into the arms of her boyfriend- who was waiting to greet her after the show was over and planted a big kiss on him.