Gordon Ramsay And Wife Welcome Sixth Baby

Gordon Ramsay

The Gordon Ramsay family kitchen has become just a little bit bigger! The celebrity chef and his wife, Tana Ramsay, recently announced on social media on Saturday that they had welcomed their sixth baby– whom they have named Jesse James Ramsay. The 57-year-old chef was the first one to share this news on Instagram, as he uploaded a few images online of the newest addition to the family.

The host of Kitchen Nightmares went on to state that the child was an amazing birthday present. He also wrote that this was another bundle of love to the Ramsay brigade- as he already had two boys and three girls. Alongside their newest addition, the couple are also parents to five children- daughters Megan, Holly, and Matilda, and sons Jack and Oscar. 

Gordon Ramsay And Tina Ramsay Welcome 6th Child

In the images uploaded on Instagram, Gordon Ramsay could be seen giving his newborn infant a little kiss on the forehead as his wife held him close to her. He also shared quite a couple of pictures of his wife smiling excitedly next to baby Jesse. His wife, Tana, also put up the same pictures on her own account on Instagram, along with a few images of the baby meeting his older brother Oscar. In her caption, Tana wrote that the last 9 months had been quite nerve-wracking for the entire family, but they have managed to circumnavigate it, and have been blessed with the little bundle of joy. 

In September, Gordon Ramsay opened up about how his wife wanted another child, stating that she was looking to have another kid eventually. The chef stated that he was about to be celebrating sports day at a school while holding onto a walker if he had a kid this late. Nevertheless, he wanted it for his wife, even if he had to get a lot of knee and hip replacements in the process.