True Whitaker Shares Heartfelt Tribute To Mother Keisha Nash

True Whitaker

True Whitaker paid a moving tribute to her mother, Keisha Nash who died early at the age of 51. Forest Whitaker’s daughter and Godfather of Harlem actress’s mother died on Thursday.

True Whitaker shared a photo on her Instagram Story, a throwback pic of Keisha during her modeling days. The reason for her untimely death has not been publicly shared. True bid her mother goodbye in the post and talked about her love that transcends life. She spoke of the most beautiful woman she had ever known, and who taught her everything she ever knew.

The actress signed off saying that she would feel her mother in her heart and see her in her dreams. Keisha married Forest Whitaker Jr. in 1996 after they met on the set of Blown Away in 1994. They shared True and Sonnet. Keisha also has a daughter, Autumn, from an earlier relationship. They separated in 2018 and Forest mentioned irreconcilable differences in the divorce petition.

True Whitaker Says It Would Be Hard To Navigate Without Her Mother’s Presence

True Whitaker reminiscences about her mother’s fierceness, her power, and her glowing nature. She regretted that she would now have to navigate the tough world without her mother by her side to guide her. She said she believed that despite that she knew that her mother would be there to guide her through life.

True spoke about her laughter and how she missed it. She thanked her for just being there and for everything. She lovingly referred to Keisha as her ladybug, her butterfly, and spoke of her love. Keisha was the creator of the luxury cosmetics line Kissable Couture and a graduate of Massachusetts’ Lynn Classical High School.

Earlier True Whitaker and her father had announced the death of Keisha in an Instagram story that they shared on Thursday. A representative of the family did not respond to requests for comments on the cause of her death.