Ken Hudson Campbell Sets Up A GoFundMe Page To Help Pay For His Cancer Surgery

Ken Hudson

Ken Hudson Campbell, who portrayed Santa in the beloved 1990 Christmas film Home Alone, was just given a cancer diagnosis. The actor, 61, who has previously been in the films Armageddon and Groundhog Day, received a cancer diagnosis on October 27 and is currently getting ready for a drawn-out surgery to combat the illness, according to his family.

On a GoFundMe page set up in his honor, his daughter Michaela said, “We need the world’s help to save Ken.” “On the bottom of his mouth, a tumor had grown elusively and started to encroach on his teeth.” 

Ken Hudson’s Page Raises Significant Amount For His Out-Of-Pocket Medical Expenses 

“He will have a 10-hour procedure on December 7th, she added, during which a sizable portion of his jawbone, lymph nodes, and leg bone would be removed. “From this leg bone, surgeons will rebuild Ken’s new jaw, install it, and administer radiation therapy to him.” He will require chemotherapy following his six-month recuperation time.” According to Ken Hudson Campbell’s family, he will probably need a tracheotomy, skin grafts, and a feeding tube, and he will remain in the hospital for a week. In the future, they plan to check him into a facility as he will require speech and physical treatment. The GoFundMe page was set up to assist with his out-of-pocket medical costs as he heals; it has already raised almost $65,000. 

“Ken Hudson is a guy of the family. A devoted father of two kids who has a remarkable zest for life and a love of acting, writing, and athletics, according to the article. It’s probable that this operation will have an impact on his future acting opportunities. In order for Kenny to take advantage of the coming opportunity to recuperate and spend more time with his loved ones, we are requesting your assistance. For our family, every money, kind word, prayer, and act of support meant the world.”