Twitch’s Demise Leaves Everyone Heartbroken


In the wake of the dancer’s terrible passing, one of Twitch Boss’ longtime coworkers is supporting the late dancer’s friends for sharing and reminiscing memories and images of themselves with Stephen. Social media users frequently share photos of them with Twitch, mentioning their close bond with him.

After Twitch was discovered deceased on Tuesday in a LA motel room, Andy Lassner, former Ellen DeGeneres Show producer, posted on Instagram, talking of the discussion they once had with him. Most A-list celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner, and Kris Jenner, loved Lassner’s tweet, in which he emphasized how Boss made everybody feel like they were the most valuable.

Twitch’s Well-wishers And Friends Share Their Condolences 

Twitch, 40, committed suicide on Tuesday, as Page recently revealed. As per reports, Boss used a riding service to get from his residence in LA to the adjacent Oak Tree Inn in California. According to the LA County medical reviewer, there were “no signs of foul play,” who later determined that Boss expired from a self-inflicted gunshot injury. According to Lassner’s post, which included the dancer’s picture, nobody was aware of the great load Boss was carrying.

He’d have been quite exhausted. He didn’t want it to revolve around him, so they were unaware of this, said the TV producer. He continues to say that they have two options. Either their time can be used speculating about the whys and hows and never be happy with the conclusions drawn. Alternatively, we might concentrate on being appreciative of the treasure he provided us by letting us draw energy from his flame.

Holker, 34, acknowledged the passing of Twitch in an announcement to People this week. She stated that she has to share her husband’s death with the hardest of hearts. He was always the strongest and finest father and husband and was an example to his followers. Holker and Twitch, who met while shooting SYTYCD just days before his tragic passing, celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary.