Twitter Is The Latest Social Media Platform To Ban POTUS Donald Trump’s Accounts


With five people dead at the Capitol Riots, Twitter followed suit with Facebook and Instagram in suspending Trump’s account. The social media platform announced the temporary ban of the President on Friday. Citing the riots as their decision-making tool, the media warned Trump that another violation of guidelines could give him a one-way ticket against the platform. 

While Donald Trump tried using the POTUS account to post his agendas after his account was suspended, Twitter cautioned him. His last tweeting words on the app was that he wouldn’t attend the new administration’s inauguration. 

Twitter Reactions To Trump’s Departure

Kamala Harris penned a letter noting a couple of tweets she found violating the platform’s laws. This was back in 2019. Twitter had also started tagging his tweets, disputing his claims that the elections were rigged. When it lifted Donald Trump’s account from the platform, hashtags such as #TrumpBanned & #ThankYouTwitter began trending on the site. 

Trump criticized his ban from the social media website in a statement, saying he had “predicted” the situation. He also mentioned that his team was looking into other social media platforms and was under “negotiations.” His statement also was directed directly at the site, saying that it did not support “Free Speech.”

The social media app served as Trump’s primary mode of communication with his 79.5 million followers. His statements have often sparked outrage, as well as support for him, turning into giant twitter-wars. Mark Zuckerberg announced the temporary ban on Donal Trump’s account, along with its subsidiary, Instagram. This list also includes YouTube and Reddit. 

The suspension of the President’s personal accounts has been received ambivalently. While some showed support, several others criticized the move to be “late.”