Twitter Hashtags Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

twitter hashtags

Twitter Hashtags are there for a reason, and if you are not being able to use them in your tweets, you are really missing out on a lot. The trendy twitter hashtags are a repository of a great number of connections and engagements, and if you want your website or business to grow, you need to utilize these features to the fullest. The main advantage that hashtag twitters have is that even if you have a properly worded witty tweet, chances are no one will be able to see it- due to its invisibility amidst the Twittersphere.

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The following article will answer all your queries- why do you need twitter hashtags, their importance, and the best places to get such hashtags.

Why are Twitter hashtags important?

Hashtags are simply a mixture of key phrases or words that are prefixed by a #. They don’t use up spaces or any punctuation, and all a word needs in order to be a Twitter hashtag is the symbol # before it. Hashtags are useful when Twitter aims at accumulating tweets of a similar nature under one banner. If you want to check up on the latest world news, you can simply put the #worldnews, and you will find every single relevant tweet there. This not only saves time immensely but also gives it a very sorted appearance.


Now, if you are tweeting something and you end up using a popular hashtag, you will find your tweets among other popular tweets- allowing more people to see your tweet, and engage with it. Twitter hashtags analytics report that using popular hashtags would actually grow someone’s profile- as they would be able to engage with a lot of people who are interested in listening to them. This would give them an opportunity to grow their brand, and also sell products.

When to use Twitter hashtags for your brand

Don’t put twitter hashtags anywhere you feel it. It has to be a very calculated affair, and not something that you simply dump on your tweet- something you can check with twitter hashtag analytics. You need to understand your tweet, and then add the hashtag- if used correctly it will catapult you to popularity. Here are a few places where you can add Twitter hashtags to your tweets.

Tweeting About Conferences and Events


One should always opt to use twitter hashtags to inform people of an event or conference. This could spark conversations among people asking about the event. In fact, if your business is about to be a part of an event, you can make sure that your tweet highlights that. It would gain traction, and soon people would be talking about that.

Observing holidays and celebrations


If you use twitter hashtags when celebrating something, it would give a sense of brotherhood amongst your Twitter followers. These hashtags would bring in people of similar cultures together in lively conversation and fun. Be sure to apply the proper hashtag and maybe a couple of emojis, and suddenly you are the talk of the Twittersphere.

Promoting brand campaigns

twitter hashtags

Twitter hashtags can be a huge boon when you are trying to expand your business or promoting your products. The best way to go through this would be to use hashtags either for the product or for a promotional event for the product. Or you could always try kickstarting campaigns that would connect to the public and help you get some much-needed visibility for your product.

Joining in on pop culture topics

twitter hashtags

Twitter hashtags can be extremely useful if you want to join in on some pop culture conversation. If you use the Twitter hashtag #starwars, you would get to know everything about the franchise- from its latest releases to trivia not very well known. Or, you could also find some similarities between your product and pop culture, and use the hashtag.

Joining in on popular weekly challenges/trends


Twitter hashtags are always useful when you want to stay abreast of the latest trends on social media. From #throwbackthursday to #mcm, or #mondaymotivation, you have them all. If you want to be a part of these trends, simply use the hashtag.

Showing your support for a cause


If you are a new brand in this generation, chances are you will be asked to be a part of any social cause- because we live in woke times. And if you want some visibility on you, then you might as well use up twitter hashtags and lend your voice to a cause. You will actually score points for it.

Posting about general interest topics


If you don’t have anything specific in mind and are simply thinking of posting pictures of nature or rivers, or cities, put proper hashtags as that would help people focus on your tweet. Just because it is something general doesn’t mean it isn’t important- and a proper hashtag can bring that out. Many businesses are using such hashtags that would take them to the top.

3 ways to find trending Twitter hashtags

If you seek to know which Twitter hashtags are in vogue now, here are three ways to do so.

  1. You always a native search feature that would allow you to be up-to-date with the latest hashtags and trending topics.
  2. Sprout Social’s listening tools can help you get a whole host of twitter hashtags. You can also use Twitter hashtags analytics to find out how many hashtags have been used recently, along with the number of people talking about you.
  3. Trendsmap does everything Native Search Feature does, but it doesn’t just stop there. You can also find out about the performance of the hashtag on this software.

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Twitter Hashtags are extremely important in today’s day and age. A proficiency over social media will really help one grow their business, without much trouble. All one needs to do is look for hashtags, and see how they fit in properly with the tweet.