Tyler James Williams Was Labeled By The Social Media Of Being Homosexual

tyler james williams

He has never addressed his sexuality. However social media portrayed him as homosexual. Tyler James Williams said there is no one way of guessing if someone is straight or gay. It’s incredibly humiliating to judge someone’s sexuality by their face. And he felt it was a dangerous thing to address someone without knowing them.

It’s not only him but also a serious threat to many. People don’t identify themselves as he or she. This type of speculation is causing identity threats to many. Many are afraid to come out as they wish to.

The Rumor Got Bigger Than Tyler James Williams

He doesn’t like to address his sexuality. However, the rumor got the best of him. He felt the need to clarify his own self. Tyler James Williams is not gay. Society and social media have been trying to find what’s behind the curtain. There is no behind the curtain. In his own words, he mentioned the culture is rather trying to figure out what’s a hidden trait of him. They are holding their breath for him to slip.

Tyler James Williams got tired of social media bullying. He recently took his Instagram to voice his opinion. Perhaps he has been quiet for a long time now.

He added that these false speculations are triggering many queer community members. It’s raising their anxiety and identity crisis. Society is holding its breath to catch its sexuality. Now the LGBTQ community is constantly afraid of being judged, and they are afraid to come out.

They are making them less safe in the societal space.

They are unable to express themselves. Many are living under the shadow of their own.

Tyler James Williams felt all these are harmless fun to many yet they are actually sending out a dangerous message to a certain community. And he refused to feed that rumor.