The Idol Too Much Into The Sexual Fantasy 

the idol

It did not receive a good response at Cannes. The HBO new series going down the hill. The idol lacks a story, it’s empty. They filled it with more sexual content. Received criticism more than good feedback. The series stars Lily-Rose Depp and The Weekend.

Some critics pointed out how it has only sex and more sex. The story writer or the director perhaps forgot to put the story before coming up with the idea of filming it. The plot revolves around music drama. They completely deviated from that.

The first episode is hour-long yet no solid story to hold onto. This is unlike many series, others have stories or something worth holding onto. This is relatively empty. The main two protagonist lacks emotions and deep psychology to balance out the other parts of the series. There should have been more psychological sides to those characters. Why they are the way they are. And the way they behave.

Best Stars Yet The Idol Failed

Lily-Rose Depp portrays the character of pop star Jocelyn. Like every other pop star, she has gone through some continuous nervous breakdowns. Now she is preparing for a comeback in her career.  The idol would have given a glimpse of why she is stone cold. Her eyes never bat.

She has been through some tough times yet the director, failed to showcase them.

Who is at fault for the failure of The Idol? The director or the actors?

Jocelyn has strong features, sharp jawlines, defined cheekbones, fully equipped scornful large mouth. Cold eyes. Like there is nothing inside. A wounded beast was preying.

The idol perhaps showed sexuality of Jocelyn. Who is sunbathing and suddenly encounters a stranger named Tedros played by The Weekend. She was aroused by a toy mainly used in sexual plays. Tedros tried to another her with it.