Jason Kelce’s Daughter Is A Strict Little Woman

jason kelce

Jason Kelce has three children. And the oldest among them is Wyatt, a three-year-old girl. Wyatt is a strict woman around the house. Perhaps she keeps the rules in households.

The three years have more knowledge about boundaries than many adults. Jason and his brother Travis Kelce have a podcast called New Heights. Recently for their shoot, Wyatt’s father wore a pink wig.  She liked however when her uncle wore she scolded her.  Jason uploaded a hilarious video of him and his niece arguing over a pink wig.

She made her wish loud and clear. She doesn’t like it off. Or don’t wear it in front of her.

Every Now And Then Jason Kelce Has Unusual Moment In His House

He shares every little moment with his family. The father of three girls isn’t shy to show off his trophies. Jason Kelce is a proud father of three.

Wyatt, his eldest, liked her father wearing a pink wig. But not on his uncle. In the video Jason Kelce uploaded on Instagram Wyatt can be heard yelling at Travis to take it off. When he asked why she doesn’t like it, she said because he is naughty and sneaky. Travis Kelce burst into laughter.

Jason captioned the video with ‘ That’s my girl. Wyatt knows her travy uncle too well. Within minutes the video was shared thousands of times. Jason Kelce often posts photos with his little girls. Recently he has had the opportunity to hold the Larry O’Brien Trophy in person. The trophy is huge and his little one fits in it perfectly.

He felt the weight of it, it was overwhelming for him. He posted the photo with his girls captioning how the girls also enjoyed it, they were equally interested and excited about it.