Tyson Beckford Warns Of Being Fooled By Pretty Faces

Tyson Beckford

It seems like Tyson Beckford has a penchant for getting involved in physical face-offs. Moreover, it seems like, he beats most celebrities at it. However, Beckford believes his victories are mostly because of his adversaries’ mistake – that of underestimating him.

Tyson Beckford Thinks People Fail To Gauge Him Properly

While talking to Page Six, Beckford explains that he thinks he is the personification of the moral to not be fooled by a pretty face. He adds that he remains “street”. He fails to understand the exact reason, but everyone goes at him and he keeps repeating no to them.

The 52-year-old model for Ralph Lauren Polo was involved in a spectacular fight against DJ Ruckus, back in 2016. More recently, Tyson Beckford alleged that one of Kanye West’s goons had faced off with him inside a Bathroom on the orders of West. The reason was, allegedly, Beckford’s public remarks about the plastic surgery of Kim Kardashian, who was then West’s wife.

In 2016, as per a Page Six report, DJ Ruckus and Tyson Beckford had “exchanged words” at Up & Down – a Meatpacking club that has not gone defunct. Beckford had apparently followed Ruckus on his bike after the DJ exited the club in his car. Ruckus had then just started dating Shanina Shaik – former partner of Beckford.

According to the reports, Ruckus was chased by Beckford all the way to a luxury condo. There, Tyson Beckford stood up from his bike and began to confront Ruckus. He was still wearing the helmet. The altercation continued going on till the cops were called by the doorman.

In 2021, Tyson Beckford accused West of trying to “get tough” during a 2018 gala. He said that one of West’s minions followed him inside a bathroom where Beckford advised him to exit the room unless the goon wanted to get beaten up.