Use Lead Generation Chatbots To Boost Your Lead Generation Efforts


According to the latest research conducted by Mobile Marketer, almost half of the millennials today are more engrossed in communicating with bots on a daily basis. Therefore, it is no wonder that most businesses currently are looking for ways to bring about bots into their scheme of things, to ensure efficiency and productivity. In fact, some businesses are also considering lead generation chatbots to be their de facto marketing channel. A report states how the USA, India, and Germany have been quantified as the countries with the largest interaction with chatbots. Juniper Research goes a step ahead and talks about how the usage of bots would lead to hourly savings of close to 2.5 billion hours and cost savings of up to $8 billion, by the end of 2022. According to Gartner, most of the businesses would be spending more on chatbot conversions than app developments by 2021.

To put it succinctly, lead generation chatbots are here to stay.

The following article will talk about how lead generation chatbots are primarily being used as leverage for the wide-ranging profits of lead generation. But before we get into how they are used as leverage, let’s simply talk about how they are useful for customer interaction, and how they serve as an on-demand, real-time guide for almost anything under the sun. If one were to look at the wide picture, chatbot conversations can help in a variety of ways:

  1. Help in guiding consumers through the funnel of conversation- thereby allowing them to bridge the gap between path and purchase.
  2. Erase the least bit of friction that might crop up on the way, and ensure that the customer value remains the biggest priority.
  3. Generation of meaningful leads, whilst creating a loyal clientele simultaneously.
  4. Real-time assistance to consumers, while ensuring that relevant information is passed on to them proactively.
  5. Connection of consumers to human agents as fast as possible which would make the consumer feel extremely valued, and their voice heard.


We won’t be wrong if we mention now that most of you have quite an understanding of what chatbots do initially. Now, let’s get into the intricacies of lead generation of chatbots.

6 Ways to Make Lead Bots a Staple of Your Lead Generation Efforts

1. Lead Bots: Where Users Are More than Welcome

Chatbots conversations are the same as first dates- first impressions create a lasting impact. And so, it is essential that there be a good opening message. When you see a welcome message from the lead bot, you are acquainted with a new user which is quite efficiently the first contact point of the ongoing program. As far as benefits go, you are looking at a boost in subscriber engagement and maximizing lead-gen efforts effortlessly and effectively. Goes without saying that you need to have a good welcome message, for the lack of it might bring about a downfall in your marketing and sales game. The original idea stays the same- they need to feel welcome, and they need to trust in your brand to keep an ongoing relationship.

And the only way one can do is by ensuring that communication happens in a way that is reminiscent of the company’s ideals. If your company is entirely casual, you need to speak casually. But if your business is all about seriousness and ethics, your chatbot conversations need to be equally serious- for the clients would be expecting that.

To be precise, this is a non-negotiable action. Your lead bot needs to send out a message as soon as a client is on board. This initiates a relationship that can get quite long-standing if you play your cards right. You can also make it interesting by adding buttons, GIFS, emojis, and others. And of course, you could also use this platform to test out newer developments in your enterprise.

2. Chat Widgets & Lead Bots: A Match Made in Marketing Heaven

Since there is a method to both check up on potential visitors to a website, and ensuring that a proactive initial chatbot is already set, a business can easily incorporate a lead bot with a live chat widget. Not only does it serve in streamlining a particular strain of conversation, but it also helps in lead generation. HubSpot also mentions how important live chat widgets are in today’s businesses- with their ability to provide solutions and guide clients in real-time they can be a real asset to any enterprise. But there isn’t just one chat widget which does all the work. There are several different chat widgets all employed in different forms of marketing, sales, feedback, customer service, etc. Some of these are:

  1. General Chat Widget- The bubble option that floats on the screen- like the Messenger icon.
  2. Onboarding Chat Widget- This is the message badge that is being used by new businesses. By clicking on it, the user would be acquainted with the company- and then they can engage in conversation through the welcome message that will be sent out.
  3. Support Chat Widget- This widget mostly helps in responding to queries or linking up with a human agent who would be helpful in solving the issue.
  4. Feedback Chat Widget- This is yet another bubble icon that asks for feedback. If clicked on, it would link the user to a feedback form which would be helpful for the development of the company.

chat bot lead generation

5. Embedded Live Chat Widget- Certain companies have live chat widgets that can deal with issues at one go- be it queries, offers, services- all would be dealt with in real-time. If clicked on, the person would be offered the trending topics on the site.

3. Plan Ahead with a Pre-Chat Survey

There are certain sites like Maids In Black which use an impressively simple and direct survey for pre-chat. But you must be asking if that is actually a good solution or would a more extensive approach be appreciated for a website. Well, the answer would actually surprise you. See, you need to use a pre-chat survey that would actually give your live chats some idea on what to work towards. A pre-chat survey allows the visitor to input some basic information (name, email, phone number) so that you can immediately provide relevant content for the querent. The information that is collected becomes extremely important when concerned with campaigns for sales and marketing.

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The way this feature works is extremely simple. All one needs to do is ensure that the option is switched on in the website. Now, when a visitor clicks on the website, they would need to put a bit of their personal information here. And that would allow the website to select the best agent who would be able to deal with them. The lead bot analyses the survey results and helps in selecting the best possible agent for the probable client.

And in the event the user decides not to go ahead with the brand, you can still use their information to streamline your campaigns in the marketing and sales structures in the future.

4. Multilingual Lead Bots Lead the Way

Multilingual lead bots are the way to go. The statistic is simple- around 70% of the users would definitely buy a product that advertises in their native language. They wouldn’t want to get involved with a product that they don’t understand the specifics behind. Also, any app would have around 70% of its users not speaking English as the first language. So, if you don’t have a multilingual lead bot that can hold conversations in different languages, it would be a serious impediment for your business.

It shouldn’t be shocking- when the internet has turned the entire world into a global village you can’t expect that operators of brands throughout the world can only speak one language- that’s quite preposterous. Some of the benefits of a multilingual lead generation chatbot are-

  1. Implementation of a multilingual bot would help in easing conversations between people from all walks of life- thereby enjoying consumer satisfaction.
  2. There will also be a huge increase in the leads that are incoming- creating more conversions and engagements.
  3. Since not all businesses are multilingual, there is a huge possibility for you to be the numero uno in your field- for more people around the world would be willing to opt for your company.
  4. You don’t incur extra costs- and that would be really helpful to ensure that your company doesn’t run in losses.
  5. You can offer a much more personalized consumer experience.

5. Initiate Personalized Conversations with “Triggered Messages”

You can’t set up a business by believing that every customer who comes at your doorstep will behave in exactly the same manner as you want them to. This is precisely why you need to time and personalize your message in a distinctive way. This will help you recapture their imagination and help them create a bond with your business. The way to do this would be to send triggered messages through lead generation chatbots.

The working of this tool is quite simple. If you have a client who wants to leave, you can simply look up their conditions for leaving, and send them a triggered message which will help bring them back and ensure a chatbot conversion to turn them into a lead. There are quite a few ways to do that-


  1. Pop-up Windows- For this to work, you need to perfect the display time and the delay rate. This usually works when someone is trying to move their cursor away, and a pop-up message comes up reminding them of some new offer.
  2. Chat Messages- You can’t hurry anyone into anything. You need to give them time to go through your services as the idea is to always move towards consumers who might not be as willing. Or this could be aimed towards people who are having problems browsing through the sites.
  3. E-Mail- If the user has left your browser, you can send them an email reminding them where they last left.

6. Set Up a Blog Page that Attracts More than just Readers

If your website has a good blog section, you should use it way more than just as a means of creating content. In fact, you can get a lot more generating leads from the blog section itself. According to a survey, websites that have posted more than 16 times in a month tend to get more traffic and leads than people who barely post a couple of pictures here and there.

This is how most brands do it-

  1. Creation of a lead generation chatbot on the blog page.
  2. You need to compel and convince people to do something- whether it be subscribing to your blog, sharing it, purchasing it, or commenting on it. And the buttons for these Call-To-Actions should be easily recognized.
  3.  Brands also have the ensure that the demands of the users are met- and that can be made possible by asking the user about what they want and then displaying relevant blogs on the same.
  4. Having an option where customers can receive notifications from you via e-mail. And this will only be possible if you allow them to put in their e-mail ids.
  5. Ensure interaction with clients along with prospective deals and discounts so that you have major chances of getting new leads.

The future is clear- most businesses would be employing lead generation chatbots to head their marketing and sales goals. And to ensure that your business stays on top, you might as well take a plunge. An Interactive Live Chat would allow you to personalize your conversations with people and help you secure a niche for your company.