Host Vanessa Lachey Talks About Interesting Lessons About Marriage

Vanessa Lachey
Vanessa Lachey

Vanessa Lachey shares that misunderstandings are easy to get resolved if people would just turn around each other and listen to communicate. 

Secrets To Long Lasting Relationship Spilled By Vanessa Lachey

The hostess of ‘Love Is Blind’ show Vanessa Lachey has decided to spit out some lessons she learned over the years of hosting regarding her marriage with spouse Nick Lachey. The NCIS star reveals to have tied the knot dating 12 years back to 2011 July and has told repeatedly that the secret to making their relationship work for so long is “constant communication”.

The 42-year-old actress confesses that people would constantly preach about how important the role of communication is in a relationship but decide to fall short when it comes to action. Vanessa Lachey continues that if only people could just turn up around each other and talk things out, one’s most issues and misunderstandings will resolve right there. The actress continues that no one can read minds and hearing your partner out loud to understand where exactly they are coming from can help out to cater to each other’s needs.

The TRL alumni said that over her course of time in a relationship her needs and wants have come to change and the couple is still thriving to figure out as they walk along the way. Vanessa Lachey recalls back to a recent date night that she and her husband shared. During dinner, her husband popped a question- what exactly she feels like she needs more of the right row? The mother of 3 realizes it’s such an interesting idea as it keeps changing. 

Vanessa Lachey shares three kids with her husband, daughter Brooklyn who’s 8, and two sons Phoenix Robert and Camden John who are allegedly 6 and 10. She added how the dinner date eventually turned out to be her best time as she got to learn so much more which she compromises on in the busy schedule of hustling and bustling around kids and her career.