Incessant Media Trolling Forces Vicky Pattison Into Media Break: Slams Online Negativity

Vicky Pattison

TV personality Vicky Pattison was on Instagram to announce that we would be keeping her social media on pause. The recently engaged star was with her partner Ercan Ramadan on a trip to Dubai.

She posted a closed message on her platform that indicated that she was taking a short-term break from social media for spiritual meditation. She wrote that she is overdue for a break.

Vicky Pattison said that she had intended to take a break before the holiday, but then got carried away by the excitement of the occasion and shared everything with her fans.

She said she loves the success and achievement that people post on social media and loves to be part of their celebrations. Pattison says she also loves it when people are honest enough to admit when things are not going right.

Vicky Pattison Says That The Negativity On The Internet Gets To Her At Times

Vicky Pattison said it takes a certain kind of bravery to speak up because one never knows the way people will react as a few can be very bitter and cruel.

She continued that at times she feels that it is not the right way to spend one’s time. She says that if she gains weight, people say that she has let herself go, and if she loses weight, she is no longer seen as a promoter for curvier women.

Vicky Pattison says that she is labeled a disgrace if she posts something normal and lighthearted. While she is a bit proactive, people attack her for not having spoken out about Syria earlier. Nothing she does on similar media is considered good enough.

Vicky Pattison says that this incessant scrutiny can be exhausting at times. She says that all she tries is to spread a bit of love, light, and positivity, but then it seems too much.