Victoria Beckham Voices Concern For Harper, Her Daughter

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is worried because Harper Beckham, her daughter, will one day try to join social media. But why does she find this concept “terrifying”? At present, Harper Beckham is only 10 years old and is absent from all platforms of social media. But just the eventuality scares her mother.

In an interview on July 3rd given to Vogue Australia, Victoria Beckham explained that Harper is not presently on any social media so there’s no worry regarding it just yet. However, given the possible cruelty of people, the whole ordeal is really concerning for her.

Victoria Beckham Has Faith In Being Communicative

Victoria reflected on the way the internet currently deals with issues like body-shaming. She noted that if and when the two get to that bridge, she will depend on communication to solve the problem. She shared that Harper is at an age when her body begins changing. However, it will be a lot about ensuring that the family remains communicative and she has nice friends surrounding her. However, she could not lie that she still found it quite terrifying.

As such, Harper may not be spending writing captions for Instagram. However, she has been famous for her sweetly-written letters addressed to her loving parents. In February of last year, Victoria Beckham posted a note from Harper that she had written before going to bed on her Instagram.

In the letter, Harper expressed her love for her mother and called Vitoria, her closest friend. She also pointed out that the time two spend doing makeup together is one of her favorites, and calls her mother her heart. She also wished her mother a good night’s sleep and sweet dreams. Harper then went on to leave another letter to father David Beckham on an index card.