Sharing A Video Of The Intruders Who Robbed Her LA Home, JoJo Siwa Says, That Life Is Frightening

JoJo Siwa

The SF Valley residence of JoJo Siwa was broken into early on Monday. On social media on Tuesday, Siwa, 19, posted a “horrifying” security clip of two robbers inside her house.

Their home was robbed the previous night around 2:40 a.m. She warned her followers that it had been an armed break-in, which is incredibly frightening, and that she had to spend the entire night speaking to her security, the LAPD, and her family. She concluded her post by saying that it had been an incredibly long night.

JoJo Siwa Shaken Up Concerning Robbery At Her House

According to the police, a company of alarms called to report a robbery at JoJo Siwa’s house. When officials arrived, the suspects had already left, but they discovered an open door, which had been how the police think the offenders entered.

JoJo Siwa was at the time on tour when the horrifying break-in took place. The dancer acknowledged that there had been a massive loss that she suffered in terms of materials as a result of the break-in, but she also explained how all of that can be fixed, according to local media. What was taken specifically is unknown. She further said that she was relieved to know that her loved ones and her dogs were safe. They are her top priority and not the materialistic loss that she had suffered, the former Dance Moms cast member wrote on her socials.

JoJo Siwa continued and asked her fans to do her a favor that night and just tightly embrace their loved ones, since life, she said, was terrific and we never know what might happen. According to local news station NBC-4, neither a description of those suspected nor a description of a vehicle associated with it was released.