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Walmart Faces Backlash For Profiting Off Juneteenth

Walmart has apologized and stated that it would remove Juneteenth branded Ice Cream from the shelves following a backlash on social media. Walmart was accused by viewers of profiting from a solemn occasion to mark the end of slavery in America.

The leading retailer put up swirled red velvet and cheesecake ice cream in containers with African designs and colors and a picture of two high-fiving Black hands. The label exhorts users to celebrate and share African-American beliefs and culture and speaks of enduring hope and emancipation.

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But the condemnation was swift on social media as users pointed out that Walmart was profiting from a solemn occasion. The company reported that it would withdraw the items as they found them inappropriate even as they reviewed their Juneteenth Products.

Walmart stated that Juneteenth marked a period celebrating independence and freedom. But they said that the feedback on the particular product was unfavorable and caused concern to customers. They offered their sincere apologies.

Walmart Refused On Comment On The Commercialization Of Juneteenth

The company has refused to offer a comment. Earlier, its website had offered the products on Tuesday, mentioning that it was offering a wide range of products to commemorate Juneteenth. It included a T-Shirt that had a word cloud depicting social justice plus phrases themed on Black empowerment and party decoration based on Juneteenth.

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There was also a glaring error in a T-shirt with the words, ‘Because my ancestors weren’t free in 1976’, a reference to the year 1776, the year America gained independence.

Comedian Kevin Fredericks said that this happens when companies commercialize national holidays. Now Juneteenth has become just another holiday, to be celebrated with special ice cream flavors.

Juneteenth marks the freedom for enslaved Texans following the defeat of the Confederates in the Civil War. The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 freed people in American states that broke away during the Civil War. But the practice continued in Texas for decades.

June 19 came to be celebrated as the anniversary of the freedom from slavery through Blacks and people of non-white ethnicity continue to be heavily persecuted across America, especially in the prejudiced south, particularly Texas.

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