Who Qualifies For $12,000 Worth Stimulus Checks?

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The Internal Revenue Service of the United States continues to attempt to assist citizens of the United States with a stimulus check which no longer is referred to as a stimulus check. This has to be among the biggest help packages that Americans have ever received; the maximum sum is $12,000, and the majority of the package will take the shape of tax refunds. Those who are eligible for these refunds will be receiving a mix of federal and state help programs that are included in the state tax board. 

Even though the government stimulus check program was terminated years ago, there are still ways to get additional money after paying your taxes.

For Whom Is The $12,000 Stimulus Check Available?

To be precise, this is only applicable to residents of the state of California, and eligibility is limited to those who make their tax payments on time. Those who are eligible for the EITC, the YCTC, and the CalEITC may get up to $12,076. Low-income individuals will get a payout from the CalEITC for the 2023 tax year that may total up to $3,529 in value. 

Even those who make more might still profit if they qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and make less than $63,398 annually. That will further increase stimulus check payouts. Another obvious choice that will enable you to increase the amount of your reimbursement is the YCTC. The maximum amount of this tax credit is $1,117 for each tax return. To be eligible for this tax credit, an individual must have an eligible child under the age of six and an annual income of less than $30,931.