TikTok Celeb, Pookie, Apologizes For Controversial Photos That Have Resurfaced


Star of TikTok Campbell Hunt Puckett, also referred to as Pookie, is talking about previous pictures of herself that have “resurfaced” on the internet. Although Campbell did not provide any details on the images, pictures of her online including a white and pink lace Antebellum party costume have gone viral. She also took pictures disguised as former first lady Melania Trump and posing in front of a Confederate flag. “As some of you may have noticed, some of my old photos have recently surfaced again,” she started her Instagram Story with an apology. 

“I was twenty years old when these pictures were shot. It wasn’t until twelve years later that I realized the full consequences of my conduct. I accept full responsibility and sincerely regret any hurt this may have caused to certain people.”

Pookie Opens Up About Her Engagement And Marriage 

The TikTok outfit-of-the-day video that the content producer and her spouse, Jett Puckett, posted went viral when Jett called Campbell “Pookie.” “Tonight, Pookie and three other couples are going to a new location, and Pookie looks fantastic. He says, “Good lord, babe, I love the all-black,” before they continue to discuss their appearances. The video from January 14 has received over 7 million views and has been parodied online.

In her apologies, Campbell stated that she and Jett had enjoyed living together and getting to know their neighborhood on “such an intimate level.” Because we lead such public lives, everything—including my mistakes—is available online. As we keep learning and developing, we aim to keep you along for the ride,” she said. Jett is a regular in Campbell’s video content. After only ten months of dating, the couple was married in April 2018. “I approached the most attractive female at a Philadelphia wine bar and struck up a conversation with her. In a recent TikTok, Jett says, “Two days later, we were inseparable, and ten months later, we were engaged.”