Tobin Mitnick Shares Stage Photos Of Child Taylor Swift

Tobin Mitnick

Tobin Mitnick was on Instagram portraying Taylor Swift as Sandy acting in a youthful presentation of Grease. The Actor, Comedian, And Writer can be seen alongside the Anti-Hero singer in costumes of the characters Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko in the 2000 stage production.

Tobin Mitnick has his mother to thank for digging up the memorable photos of Swift and him harmonizing 25 years ago in the famous musical. He captioned it that the two were ‘harmonizing like buttah.’

He also gave a shoutout to Kansas City Chiefs star tight end, Travis Kelce, also Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, writing, “trav the note in an f-sharp if you are interested.”

In one of the pictures, Tobin Mitnick looks very dapper in a dark leather jacket while Swift, then 10 years old, sports a light bluish outfit with her natural blond hair tightly pulled back. Both look handsome.

In a second shot, the Shake It Off star, now 34, showed her character’s transformation as she sports a strapless black top and a huge blond and curly wig.

Fans Reacted Favorably To Tobin Mitnick’s Instagram Post

In the famous musical, the character of Swift starts as a young, shy teenager and moves on to being a leather-wearing, cigarette-smoking lady after she falls in love with greaser Danny played by Tobin Mitnick while they are in the fictitious Rydell High School in 1959 in the stage depiction as seen in the pictures.

Tobin Mitnick fans commented favorably over the post and expressed their excitement over this moment from way past. One fan commented asking if the tree and the Swift universe are the same. The fan was referring to @jewtreelovers, Tobin Mitnick’s handle on Instagram. A second fan exclaimed that he never expected the crossover, never in a million years. A third agreed that this mashup was not something they saw coming.

Tobin Mitnick joked that he posted the old photos about his Swift collaboration to boost sales of his book, Must Love Trees.