Rami Malek Spoke To Rachel Bilson After She Posted The Actor’s Old Picture

Rami Malek
Rami Malek

Rami Malek, the American actor, and Rachel Bilson attended the same high school back when none of them was popular. It was the Notre Dame High School situated in Sherman Oaks in the state of California. Now that both of them are pretty famous, Bilson decided to do something fun. She took to the social media platform, Instagram and posted a picture of Rami Malek from the old days. However, this was not perceived by the actor very positively.

Rami Malek Is A “Private Person”

The reaction that Rami Malek gave to the photo was shared by Bilson over a podcast interview. It is called the Armchair Expert. The details of the interview were released this Monday. This is where Bilson talked about the reaction she received from Rami Malek after his picture got posted.

The actress also shared a little history of the two of them. She said that they belonged to one crew and were good friends. She also revealed the fact that the two of them were involved in the same play called, The Crucible. Both of them were in the leads.

The 39-year-old Bilson shared a picture over the internet that she came across one fine day. It belonged to the class trip from senior year. The trip was to Broadway. The photo revealed Malek wearing a gold chain.

Bilson also shared the reason behind her uploading the photo. She stated that she did it for fun. But things took a wrong turn and she got a text from Malek regarding the picture. According to the text, she was told to remove the picture. The actor wrote to her that the reason behind that was because he preferred to stay as a private person.